Nazarbayev Stresses Stability in Kyrgyzstan Depends on Economic Recovery    

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev believes Kyrgyzstan is in need of a serious programme of economic recovery and promises help in its elaboration and implementation. Statements to this effect came in his interview with the national Khabar TV channel on June 21, which is quoted below:

Kazakhstan hopes stability will return to Kyrgyzstan. As the head of state which is chairing the OSCE, I am doing everything to arrange providing humanitarian help and other assistance to the country. Within the framework of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization), Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan are already helping in the settlement of the conflict.

I believe Uzbekistan is now facing no less difficult situation. We should be grateful to President Islam Karimov and his country who have taken the heaviest burden here. Nearly 100,000 people crossed into Uzbekistan in a single day only, and they had to be accommodated, provided with food and medical services. I can imagine how difficult it was and what problems Uzbekistan had to tackle.

We, the neighbouring countries of Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan, have agreed to assist Kyrgyzstan and solve these problems together. But I would like to mention one more thing here. Some people say Kyrgyzstan is a very poor country and hence it cannot become a successful state. I strongly disagree with this. Kyrgyzstan’s land is rich in gold, iron, silver, copper, other natural resources. They have great capacities due to their mountainous rivers and the great potential for tourism as well. All of these should be developed therefore.

 No amount of humanitarian aid from foreign nations can help in securing the country’s progress. The first question is whether the country itself is capable of stabilising its economy, providing employment and food for the people. Only this will ensure the country’s stability. This is why it is necessary to elaborate a programme of economic recovery in Kyrgyzstan. Kazakhstan is ready to render assistance in its elaboration. I sincerely hope Kyrgyzstan will adopt a strategic policy of economic recovery and growth.

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