Extract from «Nur-Otan» National Democratic Party’s Action Strategy for 2009-2012    
Implementation of “Kazakhstan 2030” Strategy provided internal stability, formed reliable social basis for development of the country, created effective and competitive economy. Founded basis of sustainable development enables Kazakhstan to develop successfully in the environment of new risks and modern challenges, overcome emerging difficulties in the economy with minimal costs.
Nowadays environment require new approaches in tackling emerging challenges. In this regard, “Nur-Otan” National Democratic Party’s Action Strategy for 2009 – 2012 (hereinafter Action Strategy) is aimed at correction of its policy subject to these challenges.
Strategic goals and tasks of the Party
The principal goal of the Action Strategy is to unite efforts of the “Nur-Otan” National Democratic Party (the Party), social institutes and governmental bodies in order to overcome side effects of the global economic crisis, create favorable conditions for post-crisis development of Kazakhstan.
The main strategic task of the party for coming years is forming sustainable nationwide coalition of supporters of a Leader of the Nation through strengthening and widening stable, conscientious kernel of the Party.
Within the principal strategic goal the priority activities of the Party include:
1.Development of Kazakhstan’s consolidation around the Leader of the Nation 2.Protection of citizens interests, implementation of a National platform3.Strengthening and widening of social basis of the Party4.Generation of innovative ideas of post-crisis development5.Formation of a new dynamic image of the Party6.Introduction of a new principles on interparty management7.Preparation for a new electoral campaign 
Development of political centrism concept
Implementation of the Action Strategy is based first of all on further development of an idea of national unity. The core of national unity is fundamental values of Kazakhstan nation, formed during the independence of the country – unity, stability and progress. Commitment to these fundamental values is the uniting factor of Kazakhstan society.
The Party, advocating maintenance and strengthening the existing system of national fundamental values, considers basing its action program on a political centrism concept at the new stage of the development of the country.
An ideology of the political centrism enclosed on synthesis of economic liberalism and social conservatism.
If economic liberalism in the policy of the Party stimulates development of entrepreneurship, middle class, then social conservatism takes into stock interests of a wider social strata – labors of industry, villagers, creative intellectuals, teachers, pensioners and others, who share conservative ideals (order, stability, religious-moral traditions, national-cultural succession).
      The core of new ideological approaches of the Party is bonding high goals of economically prospering country with daily concern for people’s welfare, who at any stage of transformation will feel integral part of consolidated society.
Main priorities of development
1. Development of Kazakhstan’s consolidation around the Leader of the Nation
At the present time the Party has become that political body, which could unite all constructive, responsible political forces and able fulfill dialogue with other segments of Kazakhstan society.
Under guidelines of the Leader of the Nation the Party is aimed at achievement of the widest social consolidation, closer cohesion of all people of Kazakhstan.
Achievement of the guidelines is possible only by regular and constructive interaction of the Party with other political forces and social associations of the country. And these interactions should be based on the key values of Kazakhstan society as Unity, Stability and Development. The Party believes that in this form of unity every participant of it will keep his views and principles, but the fundamental values of Kazakhstan nation will become binding element at the basis of which will be ensuring further realization of ideas of national consolidation.
All forms of interaction as cooperation, alliance or development of partnership should favour the achievement the main goal – fulfillment of joint effective action for the benefit of the society, further social-economic progress of the country, building dynamic and competitive nation.
2. Protection of citizens interests, implementation of a national platform
At all times the priority of solving the social problems always were and be of paramount importance. In this regard, special role will be deputed to Public councils on review and solution of social conflicts. The paramount priority is establishing an effective system of response for problems of people.
The Party will correct approaches, methods and mechanisms of realization of its National platform. The party will propose a new social strategy, which will embrace new approaches to development of areas as healthcare, education, ecology, sports etc. The main idea of the mentioned document is to ensure  reflection of economic progress of the country on welfare of every Kazakhstan family, raising the quality of life in accordance with the world standards.
3. Strengthening and widening of social basis of the Party
The Party enjoys wide support of various strata of society. The main goal at the current stage is qualitative improvement of the membership and strengthening and widening the kernel of the Party.
4. Generation of innovative ideas of post-crisis development
People’s confidence in the Party holds it liable for making agenda of tomorrow, developing new directions of development of Kazakhstan society. In this regard, the activity of the Party apparatus will be reorganized in order to make it one of the leading brains of the country, generating innovative ideas, constructive projects, and proposals on solving the pressing problems of the society in compliance with priorities of strategic development of the state. So, the Party will have a share in drafting of social-economic guideline and key-points, which will be determinative in development of Kazakhstan society in the next decades.
A new program of the Party, designed to 2020, will be drafted.  It will be comprehensive document, which will define main outlines of party’s work on post-crisis renewal of Kazakhstan.
The Party considers an idea of transition to industrial-innovative development and further diversification of the economy as the national task that may lead to further social-economic progress. Realization of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan will be carried out in the following direction:
1.Agro-industrial complex and processing of agricultural products;2.Development of construction industry and manufacturing of construction materials;3.Development of oil-refinery and infrastructure of oil & gas sector;4.Development of metallurgy and manufacturing the finished metal products;5.Development of chemical, pharmaceutical and defense industries;6.Development of energy sector;7.Development of transport and telecommunication infrastructure. The Party also will pay special attention for establishment of certain conditions and favourable environment for citizens in order for them to realize their talents for the benefit of the society.
5. Formation of a new dynamic image of the Party
Nowadays the Party has 777 thousand members. The rise of members and supporters sets task on designing a new image of the Party as an ideological and organizational kernel of general national coalition, nationwide movement of all Kazakhstan citizens. The new image of the Party would be based on personal authority of its Leader and values of Kazakhstan society, which is also its ideological basis. Successful generation of a new image of the Party and introduction of the national idea to grassroots – consolidation of the Nation - will let the Party to strengthen its status as a national party.
6.Introduction of a new principles on interparty managementAt the present time the Party has around 7000 primary organizations and more than 200 branches. Modernization of the Party structure is aimed at raising the effectiveness of party’s work, prevention it from red-tapery and excessive centralization.
The main task of primary organization and branches will be work with grassroots, which also will be as consultative-methodical centers on review of people appeals. A special attention also will be paid for a work with various social organizations, acting in different areas, including unions, youth, veteran, women, ethnic-cultural unions and business associations.
Another task of the mentioned bodies will be selection of talents. Work on party-political education of members will be enhanced in order to raise quality and professionalism of party cadres on the regular basis.
Appointment to different positions at local branches of the party will be carried out on competitive basis within its activists. It will allow creating more flexible and dynamically developing party apparatus.
7.Preparation for a new electoral campaign Victory in election is aim of any political party as well as indicator of its work. Next election will be at post-crisis period and that’s why changing that taking place at the present time due to economic crisis will have significant influence to electorate.
In this regard, the Party will strive to comply with the following conditions in order to achieve maximal percentage of votes of the electorate:

1.To provide total implementation of crisis program of the Government and minimization of side-effects of global economic crisis

2.To provide effective and timely realization of election pledges – implementation of National platform of the party;

3.Further work on consolidation and unity of Kazakhstan society

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